Saturday, 26 July 2008

~What i got from Ikea~

i got them from ikea~!! but not on the same day. first i got r draco n octopus with wen jing. the rest r from tamp ikea with xf & xl.

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im kinda hand itch and i love making cute things becoz i myself is "cute". N so i created no mouth family. wat is no mouth family?? let's look at my current no mouth....

This is QQ Cloud

This is Droppy

This is Bluey Fishy

there's onli 3 of them currently.... there will be more in the future

The Angel Heart was made 1yr plus ago... but it's not in no mouth

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next day 19 july sat xl, xf n jx went to ikea and giant at tamp.... was fun!!! took pics there

Xl purposely sit the furthest so she look smaller

Im Trapped inside!!! Help me~!

Wat a dirty Toilet~!

Welcome to my new house

Nice Mirror~!

Big Spoon juz nice can fit into her mouth

UltraWoman?! (咸蛋超女)

Wat a shocking mirror image!

Dunno wat to say

r u afraid of the mirror?

~Tea Time~

Puppet Time
:+:End of Ikea:+:

Aiyo~ So.... CHeaP!! GO GRAB NOW!!!

Another cheap thing~ chopsticks

haha... this pic is cute from some diapers' box i took it for my sis coz she love elephant

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18 july friday WenJing, KengZee, HoiKeong, Sg Taylen & Me went to yamcha at china town~!! damn nice lo especially all the dimsum with prawn... very fresh....

This is WenJing... my lame Buddy no.2

This is HoiKeong My Lame Buddy no.1, he sleep next bed to me and we always lame together

This is KengZee my buddy but not lame, he is lame buddy no.2's best buddy

This is our Image (形象) Sg taylen, quite fun but can be lame.....

~Smile with teeth~

:+:Smile no Teeth:+:

saw this at yamcha's tank.... and the mat below say welcome... to c dead fish??

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Long Time No log lo... Abit Rusty..... Anyway, on 12 july its a Sat shuyin, xuefeng, xueli n me went to temple located at toa payoh area?! on the way there we saw something interesting and i decided to take a pic of it.

C this car! it's my neighbour totoro haha nice car with cute pic!

xl too long nv go tpy and she didnt noe that there's an indian international school there... it's a colourful building!!

the temple so big and it's tiring walking ard... after we finished praying, they all tok abt yue xia lao ren (月下老人) or god of marriage.... they all dun dare to ask about it and since im the onli guy, i took initiative and enquire about how to pray the god to get good bf/gf or even married... the auntie said muz buy red string den hook on to the god.... so tall.... short ppl hard to hook =.= but i managed to hook.... XD

after we got out of the temple and head back tpy central, we came across a very old type of playground which is..... THE DRAGON HEAD PLAYGROUND!! really old, coz the playground is still sand type.. too bad the swings r removed me n xl took pics of it...

~The Dragon Head~



Lonely Shuyin.. she didnt join in the fun....

i tot of squarting down let the body of dragon cover our fat body so we will look smaller... haha

Dragon Head Left eye

any diff??

The Slide!!! we're too big to slide down.... and the slide isnt smooth...

she's juz acting sliding down =.=

Random Shot of SY!!

me & Mum!

Clockwise frm top left: Xf, Sy, Xl,Jx

!~Dong Gan Chao Ren~!

After we're done at tpy, we went back to amk... we decided to go amk hub's fairprice Xtra.... but this time w/o sy cor she need to go work... we're all tired... but still had fun.. when we saw the sunglasses...

Nice one!!

we walk for sometime den saw the fishes in the tank.....

dunno wat they r thinking very ji zhong on a particular spot of the tank dunno got wat... gold??! or Food?!

after we bought our things we head back home... but we met again at 1 am... this time got kelvin and edmund.... so long nv go mcdonald coz i realized that now we cant charge laptop anymore coz all covered up lo.... damn pissed... so kiam for wat... u still earn selling burger ma... and so little portion sell so ex..... =.= still dun let other ppl use electricity... den i noticed another thing...

.... Damn Lame....

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Long Time no Blog lo~! bye bye

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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Finally i got my 2k back... now i noe how to play... hope next time i can get more LOL

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